3K WOVEN HYBRID CARBON is a high modulus carbon fiber (1 k=1000 ultra fine carbon fiber thread) and nano-epoxy resin woven composites. The aviation woven material with its three-dimentional and X shape woven knitting structure closely weave the layers of carbon fibre. The mechanical properties of woven carbon fibre with reinforced epoxy laminates enhances the durability of the racket and also generates high repulsion power.

3D HYBRID CARBON with its hybrid carbon based nanomaterials enhance the perfect combination of stiffness, stability, resiliency and loss free impulse transfer power without increase racket weight. It helps in makes speedy shots and provide good defence against opponent’s aggresive attacking play.

AERO-P NANO CARBON containing carbon monofibre makes the rods as light as possible while can hold high tension. Carbon nanofibre is widely applied in the aeroplane manufacturing industry. AERO-P NANO CARBON makes a dynamic and explosive game possible due to the improved power transmission and durability. Nanotechnology used in KEEPRO racket improves the uniformity of the material that makes up the shaft, reduces air resistance and hence increase your swing speed while provide maximum feel. It enables you to defend as well as attack swiftly.